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Custom Heart Charm Hidden Photo Bracelet

Custom Heart Charm Hidden Photo Bracelet

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Perfect for a Gift to someone special ✨

The Custom Heart Charm Hidden Photo Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that features a heart-shaped charm that can hold a hidden photo. The charm is typically made of high-quality materials, such as sterling silver or rose gold, and is designed to be attached to a bracelet chain. The bracelet itself may be made of similar high-quality materials and may feature additional charms or embellishments. The hidden photo feature allows the wearer to customise the bracelet with a personal photo, such as a picture of a loved one or a special memory. The heart-shaped charm adds a romantic and sentimental touch to the design, making it a meaningful and cherished piece of jewelry. This bracelet can be worn as a fashionable accessory or given as a heartfelt gift for a special occasion.


❤️ Handmade Item

❤️ Materials: S925 Silver, Gold Plated Copper

❤️ Color: Silver, Rose Gold

❤️ Size: 16+5cm

❤️ Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia

❤️ Style: Minimalist

❤️ Made to Order


"Every piece of Jewelry tells a story" - Gem Hunt"

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